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Adjusting robotic scanning size and direction M6

When using the robotic head, you need to learn how to adjust it so as to treat the area required. This is achieved by changing a combination of settings as described below. It is highly recommended that the operator practises these to become familiar with efficiently adjusting the positioning of the robotic head during actual treatment conditions.

Whenever the robotised is selected, pressing any button in the manual area will change the screen to also allow for adjusting the following

Asize of scanning area by adjusting the X and Y amplitude off the scan
B – the direction of the robotised head
C – the height and angle of the cantilever arm

In all cases the software interface will include an area as seen in the following example. This includes pathology mode, anti-oedema and biostimulation. 

 Scanning Area Size

The software will present a suggested treatment area size. This can be changed by increasing or decreasing the opening values for the X and Y axes using the + and buttons. The software will calculate and display the treatment area.

Changing the size of the scanning area automatically alters the treatment time in order to keep the energy density constant. So a larger area requires more time. 

The size of the area shown refers to a distance of 20 cm from the surface to treat.

Setting the axes at 0 x 0 = no movement of the head for a treatment area of 20cm2.

Robiotic head direction

Using the five buttons at B the scanning angle of the robotic head can be changed.

perpendicular to the device pointing straight down (over the top of the patient);

on the right of the device;

on the left of the device;

forward to perform the horizontal motion – side to side with no vertical motion; Y axis = 0

forward to perform the vertical motion – up and down with no sideways motion. X axis = 0

Cantilever height and tilt

Using the four buttons at C the height and angle of the articulated arm holding the robotic head can be changed. 

angle of the cantilever arm (inc and dec angle)

height of the cantilever arm (up and down) – distance from floor.