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Rules for Use Across all Australian States & Territories- transcript

My name’s Dr. Karina Patel, and I’m from the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Center of London. Now I’m going to talk to you about how to actually incorporate the MLS laser into your practice, but Australia wide. There’s different rules for every state, as everyone knows. For New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and ACT there’s luckily no extra regulations that you need to know about for your laser ownership in dentistry. However, everywhere else there is.

In Queensland, your first step is to apply for a possession license for your practice. This includes your radiation safety and protection plan. Then your second step is to apply for the license to use the laser. This also requires the certificate of laser safety training course, which we could also provide for you if you did come on the MLS laser training course. That counts as part of it.

After step one and two is complete then you’ll actually have to register your laser as a certain class. The MLS laser in particular is a Class IV laser, and it’s approved by Radiation Health in Queensland. For more information, there are some website details that you might want to look at, which will take you to the licensing and all the forms that you need to fill in.

For Western Australia, your application process is a little bit different as well. You have to have a license so you need that license application form as well. You have to be registered as a practitioner with AHPRA, which I’m sure most people are anyway. You have to have attended, again, that laser safety training course for which the information on the website is here as well. Your premises has to also be registered as well. So there’s a premises application form.

Okay for Tasmania. You need a Tasmanian Radiation Protection Act license, and also your place in which you’re carrying out. The laser has to be compliant with the relevant radiation safety standards.