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Dynamic protocols – transcript

Okay. I now want to talk about the dynamic protocols. What happens with the dynamic is you actually have the patient moving, and this is after you’ve done the static protocols for a couple of sessions, at least. So you want to see… In the first section, you want to use the dynamic protocols in the TMJ, and then the second section on the cervical area. For the TMJ, what you want is 30 seconds on each side, you want the patient to slowly open and close the mouth five times during that 30 seconds. And then you would move to the opposite side. Now, second day, what you’d want to do is ask the patient to open slightly and move over to one side so that you want repeated again slowly over 30 seconds and they need to repeat that five times. And once that one side is done, then you get them to go to the other side. That’s what it looks like there.

With your cervical cranial rotation, what you need them to do is essentially turn like that to one side and then back to centre again. And again, it goes for 30 seconds and you want them to do that slowly five times over that 30 seconds. What you’re doing with the laser at that point is scanning up and down like this picture, up and down the SCM muscle. And then you want to do the same on the opposite side as well. With this one, you need to be a little bit careful. You’ve got your thyroid, carotid, all of those. So you want to be pointing the laser away from any central structures there.

Then you’ve got your cervical flection extension. For that again, one side at a time. Say if you’re doing the flection, you get them to chin down to chest five times over 30 seconds. Now, when they’re doing that, do you want to point the laser… Start off in the occipital area, scan down the trapezius up and down while they’re actually doing that movement. And then you do the same on the opposite side.

Then you’ve got your lateral flection. Your lateral flection is essentially moving your head to one side, then back to centre. Same sort of thing, but in this one, you want to move your head to one side, but you actually want to be using the laser on the opposite side to where the head’s turning. So you want to do that again, five times, slowly over 30 seconds. You do one side and then you do the other.

And with the dynamic, you can also bring your trigger points back into it as well. Your trigger points will go for 25 seconds and you can break them up one by one. You want to do whatever you do on one side. So say if on the left you’ve treated three trigger points, you want to do the same on the right-hand side.