Webinar: Photobiomodulation in Dentistry – Growing Your Practice

Date and Time

Thursday 23 May 2024 7:30pm AEDT; 1:06:20 hours


  • Emeritus Professor Laurence Walsh
  • Dr Dail Kim
  • Dr Andrew Nixon
  • Dr Johnny Chan

Intended Audience

This webinar will be relevant to dental practitioners interested in photobiomodulation and those currently using it in their clinical practice. This includes dentists, dental specialists, OHTs, and dental hygienists.

Learning Objectives

  1. Appreciate the range of common applications for PBM.
  2. Proper itemization for PBM using the ADA schedule.
  3. Choosing correct laser parameters for PBM.
  4. Maximizing the photochemical actions of PBM.
  5. When and how to repeat PBM.

Not Enrolled

Resource Includes

  • 1 Lesson