MLS laser: #1 choice for Sports Injuries for professional and amateur athletes

MLS Laser Foundation in Sport

ASA Laser specialises in producing medical devices and developing therapeutic laser solutions with headquarters in Arucgnano Italy. The founders, Mr. Lucio Zaghetto and Mr. Roberto Marchesini are pioneers who created and tested early laser devices to examine the impact of Photobiomodulation on musculoskeletal pain.

The applications extended to finding effective treatments for sporting injuries. Through dedication, research and clinical applications, ASA now manufactures high-powered lasers that have revolutionised treatments for athletes (professional and amateur) across the world.

Based on clinical evidence, over 100 sporting clubs and associations globally routinely use MLS laser as part of their therapeutic programs. Applications include pre-conditioning, injury management and rehabilitation.

Teams who have adopted MLS laser include local teams, major teams, national teams, Institutes and Sports Rehabilitation centers. Disciplines being treated include football, tennis, basketball, rowing, soccer, table tennis, fencing, superbike, hand ball, swimming, hockey, ballet and beach volley ball. ASA has supported the national Italian fencing Federation teams.

Other countries using MLS laser include Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK, Asia, China, Iran, Taiwan, Thailand, Middle East, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, Egypt, South America, Mexico and Bolivia

Medical Support at Clinica Mobile

In addition, ASA laser provides therapeutic applications for Clinica Mobile. According to Dr. Michele Zasa, Medical Director of the Travelling Hospital, there has been a valuable, historical partnership with ASA Laser due to shared values and deep commitment to the athletes.

“ASAlaser is recognized as a leader in the laser sector, providing high-level technology to operators. I’ve been offered a lot of equipment for physical therapy, but in agreement with the physiotherapists we have preferred to use only a few effective devices, the ones that could give a significant contribution to our activity.”

Why is MLS the laser of choice?

This specific combination (and synchronization) is called MLS (Multi wave locked system). That is a patented pulse making it a totally unique therapy. The combination treats pain, inflammation, and oedema simultaneously. Due to the synchronisation, the laser does is homogenously spread across the treatment area.

Due to its biological effects MLS laser is the laser of choice among sporting agencies.  The therapeutic result of MLS is a based on a unique pulse that combines two wavelengths, 808 nanometres and 905 nanometres well as two different emission modalities – continuous and pulsed.

MLS laser therapy work works at a cellular level. It triggers light energy and modulates cellular metabolism that increases blood flow and supply of energy. It boosts ATP production in the cells and aids in lymphatic drainage.

MLS laser in sport injuries

Dr Ilya Todorov MD is Chief of the Clinic of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine – University Hospital Saint Marina Varna, Bulgaria. He is also Associate Professor, Chief of the Department of Rehabilitation – University Hospital Heart and Brain – Burgas, Bulgaria and owner of private clinic for Manual Therapy and Physiotherapy, Varna, Bulgaria.

Dr Todorov uses MLS laser in his clinical practice to treat many kinds of syndromes including cervical, lumber, pain as well as sports traumas. According to Dr Todorov “it’s like nothing else for sports injuries due to four main reasons.”


  1. Reduces pain immediately

“From my personal experience there is an excellent result on the pain. With MLS there is an immediate effect on the pain, right from the treatment. And this is very, very important. Also, MLS laser affects the hematoma. It reduces the oedema, associated with the injuries.”

  1. Can be applied immediately

“One of the great advantages of MLS is that you can start using it immediately after the trauma. You don’t have to wait for several days.

MLS improves micro circulation that enables the restoration of the range of motion, and the reduction of the oedema which is also very crucial. You can immediately and quickly begin the tissue regeneration process.”

  1. Speeds recovery

“If you are dealing with, with sports people, it’s very crucial, when they will be back on the field. So, the faster recovery time is a very, very important part.”

  1. Delivers longer lasting results

“And the results are long lasting. MLS gives the tissues the opportunity to recover, so there are rarely relapses of the symptoms. There is very strong scientific support. It is proven that MLS increases the production of the anti-inflammatory protein, L P 10. There are 5000+ studies using laser therapy, and over 500 clinical trials. It has a strong evidence base.”

Common Sport Injuries

 According to Sports Medicine Australia the most common sporting injuries include Achilles tendon injury, Acromioclavicular (AC) joint injury, ankle injury, Anterior cruciate ligament injury, exercise injuries, calf strain, hamstring strain, planter fasciitis, quadricep contusion, shin pain and soft tissue injuries.

Fortunately, all these conditions can be treated by MLS laser therapy which can help people suffering these conditions to promote rapid recovery.

Some Common Applications for MLS Laser Therapy

General Pain Management (Acute and Chronic) including back pain, head and neck pain, shoulder pain and leg pain

  • Improved recovery from injuries including muscle sprains, strains and spasms
  • Post-surgical healing
  • Arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis.

What do Orthopaedic Surgeons say about MLS?

Dr Ronald Lederman, orthopaedic surgeon, describes “roughly 90% of our patients are achieving almost 90% of their symptoms.”
Dr Ron Lederman, Lederman Kwartowitz Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Michigan USA.


Treatment of pain, inflammation and oedema in the musculoskeletal system is the number one reason why MLS® therapy is relevant and highly effective for use in sports medicine and orthopaedic practises.

MLS offers significant advantages including faster and better healing of injuries such as sprains, strains and inflammatory conditions that are otherwise difficult to treat or require a long recovery.

The treatment is also highly effective post-surgery to help promote faster healing and a better patient experience during recovery.

MLS can be used as an adjunct to promote a better sports exercise regime, better on field performance and faster recovery after games.

MLS laser

  • Speeds post-surgery recovery
  • Manages pain
  • Heals injuries
  • Reduces inflammation and oedema.


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